Exercise is important.  It will be necessary to do exercises on your own at home. It is important to lead as normal a life as possible in the fixator. Most activities are allowed except for those that could cause damage to your fixator. It is very important to walk, but only if instructed to do so by Dr. Kemp. Walking stimulates the bone to grow and heal. There may be a restriction on the amount of weight you are allowed to put on your leg. Please check with the doctor for these restrictions. If you have a fixator on your arm you can use a cane in your hand to "load" weight on your bone.

This is a patient who had an extensive foot reconstruction and is walking on her frame 4 days after surgery.  


Another good activity is swimming.  Swimming allows for increased range of motion and minimizes weight-load on the limb. Swimming/exercising should be done in chlorinated pools only. Swimming in natural waters (lake, rivers, oceans) is not allowed because of possible contamination leading to infection and for safety reasons such as unseen submerged branches. As soon as swimming is completed, you must take a shower to rinse of your frame.

It is also important to rest frequently. When you are resting, you should elevate your arm or leg to prevent or decrease swelling and decrease pain.