Patient L.S.

Dear Dr. Kemp,

Thanks you for seeing me for my foot.  I appreciate your honest and direct opinion, even though it was tough to hear.  I wish I would have found you years ago.  

Patient T.S.

Dear Dr. Kemp,

Thank you for fixing my foot.  You performed 13 procedures during one surgery to reconstruct my severely deformed foot.  The recovery was long, however I can now report that there is no pain and I feel better than I have in years.  Your skill and effort has changed my life.  

I have several joys in my life. My wife and my kids are at the top of the list. Huntning and poker are right up there. But my all time favorite is softball. I grew up in baseball . My family founded the Allstars little league in Boise many years ago and I’ve been playing ever since. It’s embedded in my blood. After my accident in 2011 I figured I’d never play again. However, I am back on the field playing. It is the best feeling of self accomplishment. I found myself thanking god and TJ Kemp my surgeon several times today for not giving up on me and to be walking and running on two legs. After every game I said a prayer of thanks and after every inning I said a prayer for TJ and his family. I’m sitting here now feeling very blessed and I know to some of you it’s not a big deal. It’s just a game you think but to me? It’s everything

Patient K.S.

The staff and surgeons at Direct Orthopedic Care and Allied
Orthopedics are wonderful. Dr Kemp was excellent. Thank you!  
I highly recommended them.

Patient S.F.

I wanted to thank you for taking good care of me. Not only once, but twice! My ankle is as good as new! You guys are amazing. I really appreciate all that you guys did for me.

Patient S.D.

I just wanted to say thank you so much for what you have done for me. I really appreciate not only the surgery you performed, but for how you were through the entire process. I always felt comfortable and confident with you and am so glad I came to you. I spent over a year confused about what was going on, in pain, and just frustrated. So finally having answers and a solution that would allow me back into my normal activities was such a relief. Again, I just want to thank you for what you did for me. I am so grateful.

Patient A.V.