Covering the Frame

Although it is not completely necessary to cover your frame after your wounds are healed, some patients prefer to have their frames covered. Most patients feel uncomfortable when others stare at the frame. Others want to keep the leg and frame warm when it is cold out. Some patients need to keep the frame covered to keep it clean due to their work or environment (such as living with cats or dogs).  Their reasons may vary. Whatever their reason, your local upholstery shop is a good place to start to have a frame cover made. 

Dr. Kemp has partnered up with Taylor - Made Upholstery, LLC. Dean and Donnelle Taylor have agreed to make frame covers for Dr. Kemp's patients for around $50 depending on the material used and various options.  Your insurance will not cover this expense, however, it is probably a worth while investment to have at least one cover made given that your frame will likely be on for several months.  


Covering an External Fixator
Covered External Fixator

You can contact Donnelle at: 208-284-4840

Taylor Made Upholstery, LLC