Welcome to the Idaho Limb Deformity Center  

A Center of Excellence for External Fixation.  

What is external fixation?  It is a method of using a "halo" type device to straighten a leg, arm or foot, or to temporary protect a limb much like a cast protects a broken bone.  This device is known as an external fixator, or a "Frame."  You can think of it like scaffolding or halo around the leg or arm that acts as support during reconstruction.  

This website serves as a guide for patients who are considering undergoing an external fixation procedure, currently have an external fixator device in place, or have completed their treatement and wish to share their experiences.  It will cover most of the questions that you have regarding care of your fixator and other frequently asked questions.  

Please navigate through the links on this page and review the information carefully. Most of your questions can be answered by utilizing this website. These are general guidelines and your care will be tailored to your specific needs.  

Do not hesitate to call the clinic at 208-855-2410 if you have any questions. It is vital that the patient and medical team work together to ensure a successful surgery and outcome.

If you are a new patient and wish to be seen in referral, contact our office and ask for an appointment with Dr. Travis J. Kemp, Orthopaedic Surgeon.  Please bring all records with you including x-rays and reports from other doctors.