Routine Pin Site Care

For the first 2 weeks after surgery, you will notice that you frame is wrapped in ace wraps and there are sponge dressings around your wires and bulky gauze under your frame. This allows gentle compression to allow the skin to heal after surgery and decreases the swelling. All dressing will usually be removed on post-op day 2 to 7. Typically, any incision you have will then be covered with dry gauze.  

Either Dr. Kemp or one of his staff will manage the pins sites and wounds for the first 2 to 3 weeks.  You will then take over after that time.  In some cases when the wounds are more complicated, you will need to perform daily dressing changes during the first 3 weeks.  Dr. Kemp will guide you through this decision.

It will be necessary to have the proper supplies for cleaning and protecting your skin where the pins enter your skin.  We will provide you with a preliminary cleaning kit.  There is a minimal charge for the kit, and insurance companies do not cover this cost.  You can replenish your supplies at your local drug store or medical supply store.  

You should not get the fixator wet until your incisions are healed, generally after the stitches are removed. Once the wounds are healed, showers are permitted. It is helpful to use a shower chair and hand held shower hose for safety. A liquid antibacterial soap should be used to clean the frame and skin. (Dial, Soft-soap, etc.)  Be sure to rinse the fixator well.

After showering, dry the fixator with a towel and use a hair dryer on the cool setting to dry the remaining areas. Again, pin care should be performed once daily. The best time is after a shower when the skin is damp and crusts may be removed easily.

Pin Site Care Video: Please view the following video on specific instructions for pin site care. Please note that there is an error in the video.  Dr. Kemp no longer supplies a prescription to Norco for supplies.