Showers with the External Fixator


You may not be allowed to shower with your frame unprotected for up to 3 weeks, or until all surgical wounds are healed. Until then, your surgeon may have you perform routine pin site care as directed. During the first few days after the external fixator is placed, expect a clear yellow or slightly bloody drainage from the pin sites.

As long as there are no open wounds and your surgeon allows it, you can shower with the frame in place without covering it. You may consider placing a rubber mat in the tub or utilizing a shower chair or installing handrails in your shower for safety. When you are released to take showers, cleaning the pin sites with an antibacterial liquid soap and water while in the shower has proven to be a simple and effective pin site care method. Allow the soap and water to run down the extremity that the external fixator is attached to. Do not scrub. Rinse and dry the fixator and the extremity thoroughly. You can dry using a hair dryer on a cool setting to finish drying the frame.