Patient Education Videos

Watch the following videos to learn more about your recovery process.


Big toe dressing change

In some cases, I will allow you to change your dressings at home.  This video details instructions on how to change your big toe dressing after a fusion or bunion procedure.  

Pin Site Care

This is a video describing how to perform daily pin site care for your external fixator.

Weight Bearing ON an External Fixator

This is a patient 4 days after surgery using a walker and placing about 50% of her weight on her external fixator.

Weight Bearing on an External Fixator

This is a patient that is almost fully weight bearing on her external fixator. 

REcovery after Ankle or Midfoot surgery

Please view this video for instructions after ankle, hind foot, and mid foot surgery.  Please refer to this video often to remind yourself regarding the course of treatment.

REcovery after Forefoot Surgery

Please review this video for post operative instructions after your forefoot surgery.  Refer to it often after surgery as well to remind yourself of the course of treatment.